Polylang introduction

Why Polylang is the best translating tool to Your CustomPress installation?

Header catptioned from authors repository

Because it does not overload database as every translation is picked from .po file included in /language/ directory of every component in WP/CP Structure.

Got also string translator but use it only there, where can’t use .po files

Why .po files? cause all runs by them perfectly since WordPress earlies.

It is very intuitive, nondominating tool

No extra add ons needed to themes / plugins working translations¬† as standard .po as i’ve concearned

Plugins with i18n may be compatible by premium add-ons like :

Polylang for WooCommerce

Lets say if someone can’t code then must pay. We can upgrade Codestyling Localization to access wp-admin/languages/plugins
then can have all controls over woocommerce.po without add ons as future admin feature!

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